Welcome to Southwark Bridge Models

Supplying high quality etched brass kits for LSWR models.

Following the death of Ivan Smith in January 2014 Southwark Bridge Models has been inactive.

The business has now been purchased by Dave Hammersley of Roxey Mouldings.

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Most of the accessories are already available, as are some kits in 4mm and 7mm scales. Work is progressing to make the rest of the range available as soon as possible, but some kits may only be produced to order. It is intended to re-open this website when it has been updated.

Unfortunately VAT at 20% will have to be applied to all the previous SBM prices.

For further information or to place an order please contact Dave Hammersley as follows:

Roxey Mouldings,

58 Dudley Road,


Surrey KT12 2JU

Tel: 01932 245439

Email: dave@roxeymouldings.co.uk

Website: www.roxeymouldings.co.uk